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Celtic Food - Traditional Irish and Scottish Cook Books

Celtic food reflects the distinct cultures of the people of the British Isles - the Irish and Scots have both brought delicious and distinctive dishes to the world's attention.

The following Celtic cook books focus on traditional recipes from Ireland, Wales and Scotland, with a strong emphasis on the simple foods and baked goods beloved for centuries in these Celtic countries, along with interesting commentary on the Celtic customs and traditions upon which the recipes are based.

Buy Celtic Cook Books
Celtic Folklore Cooking
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Celtic Folklore Cooking
by Joanne Asala

Billed as a cookbook for modern pagans, Asala has compiled a very nice collection of traditional recipes from a variety of Celtic countries. From the description: "Joanne Asala gathers generations-old recipes from Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, and England, associates them with appropriate festivals and times of the year, then sprinkles a dash of folklore between them." This Celtic cookbook is organized around entire meals - from appetizer to dessert - making it a great choice for entertaining or holiday planning. Over 200 recipes.
Celtic Cookbook
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Celtic Cookbook: Traditional Recipes from 6 Celtic Lands
by Helen Smith-Twiddy

Take a culinary journey to the six Celtic lands with recipes that have been passed down through the ages. Over 160 recipes from the Celtic world including soups, breads, fish, main courses, game, sweets, cakes and drinks.

Classic favorites from all six Celtic lands - from Breton Consommé and Manx Ragout of Wild Duck, Cornish Baked Trifle, Irish Moonshiner's Pudding, Scottish Creamed Haddie, to Welsh Mussel Stew.

Originally published in England, this edition has been revised for American cooks.
Irish Traditional Cooking
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Irish Traditional Cooking : Over 300 Recipes from Ireland's Heritage
by Darina Allen

More than 300 traditional dishes, each recipe is complemented by tips, tales, historical insights and common Irish customs, many of which have been passed down from one generation to the next through the greatest of oral traditions.

Imbued with a passion to preserve the traditions of Irish cooking, Darina Allen has journeyed all over Ireland, researching and recording different recipes and regional dishes. Irish Traditional Cooking is a rich record of Ireland's wealth of culinary history. Ireland's strong tradition of farming, home baking, simple good food was based on what was readily available, with broths and soups, fish, game, and potato dishes all an essential part of traditional Irish cooking.
Classic Irish Recipes
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Classic Irish Recipes
by Georgina Campbell

Dozens of traditional Irish recipes, simple and uncomplicated, hearty and wholesome - a genuine taste of Ireland. Enjoy cooking Irish stews, Dingle pies, soda bread, kedgeree, pea and ham soup, corned beef, and poached salmon - to name only a few. Everything from appetizers to desserts, along with beverage recipes are included.
Best of Irish Breads and Baking
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The Best of Irish Breads and Baking
by Georgina Campbell

"An invaluable delight to both professional and novice alike, the author includes a fascinating history of the Irish breadmaking tradition. Recipes range from old favorites, such as Irish brown soda bread, blackberry jelly, Irish tea-cake and Irish whiskey cake to the more unusual treats such as Ballylickey Yummy Cake and Ballymaloe Walnut Meringue....the "Festive Fares" section contains recipes which can be used on many festive occasions like Hallowe'en, Christmas, Easter and Irish style Weddings." Totally authentic, another winner from well-known Irish food writer Georgina Campbell.
Elegant Irish Cooking
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Elegant Irish Cooking: Recipes from the World's Foremost Irish Chefs
by Noel C. Cullen

For the experienced cook (and determined beginner), this is a wonderful collection of over 150 Irish recipes from several well-respected Irish chefs, based soundly on Irish tradition, but with a modern flair. Mouth-watering photographs and delightful snippets of Irish history and culinary tradition make this cookbook worth having - even if you don't actually cook (but you will, of course). Elegant Irish Cooking represents the best of current Irish cooking.
A Year in a Scot's Kitchen
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A Year in a Scots Kitchen: Celebrating Summer's End to Worshipping Its Beginning
by Catherine Brown

Ms. Brown takes you on a culinary tour of Scotland through the seasons with this terrific cookbook. Each month of the year includes a chapter about the Scot's gardener and recipes appropriate to that season - including the holidays, Halloween, Christmas, Hogmanay, Burn's Night, and so on throughout the year. Stovies, black buns, shortbread, haggis, steak pie, bannocks, oatcakes, salmon steaks, blackberry jam, on and on and on. Yum.
Scottish Heritage Food and Cooking
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Scottish Heritage Food and Cooking
by Carol Wilson

Capture the tastes and traditions with over 150 easy-to-follow recipes and 700 stunning photographs, including step-by-step instructions. Classic dishes from the borders, highlands and isles, with traditional dishes that conjure up the essence of Scotland - Cullen Skink, Lamb Stovies, Venison Auld Reekie and Burns' Night Haggis - as well as modern twists on classic recipes and contemporary ideas. Also contains a fascinating exploration of Scotland's culinary heritage, including the famous game reserves and fishing streams, the smoke houses, the speciality jam-makers and dairy producers, and the world-renowned whisky distilleries.
Savory Scottish Recipes
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Savory Scottish Recipes
by Julie J. MacDonald

This delightful little cookbook is a spiral-bound, index card size, with laminated pages, it yet contains dozens of authentic, traditional Scottish recipes along with wonderful bits of Scottish lore. The Scots, like the Irish, rely a great deal on seafood and beef (Angus, of course), but their forté is sweets - scones and shortbreads. This little cookbook has it all, including recipes for festive occasions such as Burn's Night.
The Haggis
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The Haggis: A Little History
by Clarissa Dickson Wright

Wright has written many terrific Scottish cookbooks, and was one of the "Two Fat Ladies" - which was Scotland's most popular cooking show. Here she takes a tremendously witty look at the history of Scotland's most famous (and to some most disgusting) national treat - the haggis. Less a cookbook than an hilarious romp through Scotland's history, this book is sure to delight anyone with an interest in Scotland's culinary traditions.
Celtic Teas with Friends
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Celtic Teas with Friends
by Elizabeth Knight

This delightful book of recipes, decorating and entertainment ideas is a complete themed tea party guide for hosting Celtic tea parties based on the traditional holidays and occasions of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Cornwall. Knight provides colorful snippets of information about the history and myths behind the festivities as well. Perfect addition to your Celtic cook books collection.
Welsh Heritage Food and Cooking
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Welsh Heritage Food and Cooking
by Annette Yates

Introduce yourself to the glories of Welsh cooking. Ms. Yates present 75 mouth-watering Welsh recipes, along with over 200 gorgeous photos, and entertaining background on the origin and history of each Welsh recipe from the 12th through the 18th centuries. Easy step-by-step instructions for delicious food that turns out just the way it should.