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Irish Gaelic Language - Dictionaries and Instruction Books

Books you can use to teach yourself the Irish Gaelic language, most with accompanying tapes for learning pronunciation (is any language in the world pronounced more differently from its spelling than Gaelic?)

The Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages are not the same. The Scots and Irish have changed their language over the centuries, to the point they must be learned separately.

Buy Irish Gaelic Language Books
Learning Irish
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Learning Irish
by Micheal Siadhail

This is a regular textbook for learning Irish Gaelic such as you might have had in school. Thorough and readable, the lessons take you through step-by-step. Cassettes for pronunciation included.
Irish Grammar
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Irish Grammar: A Basic Handbook
by Noel Mogonagle, et al

A good introduction to Irish Gaelic grammar, easy to follow and understand. Might work well as a supplement to other language courses. Understanding how a language is laid out really helps when you need to translate something, even just a phrase.
Oxford Irish Minidictionary
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The Oxford Irish Minidictionary: Bearla-Gaeilge, Gaeilge-Bearla = English-Irish, Irish-English
edited by by Breandín Cróinin

This dictionary really will fit in your pocket, while keeping all the features that make it worthwhile. Includes over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations of contemporary Irish, plus a special layout to frequently-used words that can be difficult to master, and usage notes to help you use these words correctly. It also features warning symbols to alert you when a word or expression is informal or slang so you know to use it with care. An easy-to-use guide to pronunciation gives extensive help with speaking Irish.
Irish-English English-Irish Easy Reference Dictionary
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Irish-English/English-Irish Easy Reference Dictionary

This learner's dictionary guides students and other users through the intricacies of the Irish language. No one seems to have more info than this, looks like a good choice for the new student, though, since it's put out by the Education Company of Ireland as a standard text.
Singing in Irish Gaelic
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Singing in Irish Gaelic
by Mary McLaughlin

"Until now it has been extremely difficult for anyone without knowledge of the Irish language (Gaelic) to sing the songs of that tradition. A must for anyone who has always longed to sing the old songs of Ireland, this book and CD decodes the Irish language for those who aspire to sing these songs without them having to undertake an Irish language course. The fourteen songs are presented in an accessible fashion. On the CD, the author speaks each phrase slowly, leaving a pause for the student to imitate the pronunciation. The author then sings each song in a simple, plain style, conducive to learning. The book has the sheet music, guitar chords, phonetics, Irish lyrics, and a translation and background to each song. There is an introduction which gives information on traditional singing in Irish as well as a guide to the phonetic system used. The songs are graded linguistically and musically so that the student can build up skills as she or he progresses through the book." - book description.
Harry Potter agus an Orchloch
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Harry Potter agus an Orchloch (Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Irish Edition)
by J. K. Rowling

Here's a fun way to practice your Gaelic - the first of the Harry Potter books translated into Irish Gaelic. First Sentence: "Bhi conai ar mhuintir Dursley in uimhir a ceathair privet Drive, agus e le maiomh acu go raibh siad an-normalta go deo, agus iad brea sasta de."