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Scottish Music - Folk and Traditional

Scotland is the home of music, where the bard was a chieftain in his own right and the pipers had boys to carry their pipes - the Scots live and breathe a musical tradition that spans century after century.

Whether you like traditional bagpipes and drums, the foot-stomping gaity of Scottish fiddling, or the haunting Gaelic ballads of the Highlands, you'll find something to please your taste in our collection of Scottish folk and traditional music.

Buy Folk and Traditional Scottish Music
Perthshire Amber - Dougie MacLean
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Perthshire Amber (2000)
Dougie MacLean

MacLean is Scotland's favorite musical son. Perthshire Amber is an entirely instrumental recording in honor of MacLean's homeland featuring beautiful arrangements of traditional instruments (whistles, pipes) along with classicial strings.

Other great music by MacLean includes: Tribute featuring MacLean's arrangements of Robert Burns' songs and Live: From the Ends of the Earth - don't miss it!
Dusk Till Dawn : Best of Capercaillie
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Dusk Till Dawn: The Best of Capercaillie (2000)

You'll be hoppin' and boppin' when listening to these great tunes from Scotland's premier folk-rock band, Capercaillie. Featuring the amazing vocals of lead singer Karen Matheson and some real dandy fiddling. You'll want more of their albums for sure after hearing what they do.
Dreaming Sea - Karen Matheson
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Dreaming Sea (2000)
Karen Matheson

Matheson, lead singer for Capercaillie, strikes out on her own with this CD. Beautifully and powerfully sung mix of tunes from the traditional gaelic through the modern.
Natalie MacMaster Live
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Live (2002)
Natalie MacMaster

Born on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, MacMaster's Celtic roots shine through in her marvelous fiddling. This double CD set includes some of the best Irish and Scottish fiddle music ever heard. The first disc was recorded in concert with her six-member band, while the second features traditional fiddling backed by acoustic guitar and piano. Tap those toes, get up and dance. Wonderfully uplifting.
Tannahill Weavers - Best of 1979-1989
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Best of 1979-1989 (1989)
Tannahill Weavers

Traditional Scottish folk music at its best - wonderful fiddling, piping and singing by a terrific group of musicians. The Tannahill Weavers are beloved in Scotland for good reason. Take a listen and see what you think.
The Edge - Alyth McCormack
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The Edge (2001)
Alyth McCormack

From the Western Isles of Scotland comes the hauntingly beautiful, mystical music of Hebridean singer Alyth McCormack. Entirely performed in Scots Gaelic, this is music you will never forget.
Return to Kintail
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Return to Kintail (1999)
Tony McManus, Alasdair Fraser

Beautiful instrumental duet album with Scots musicians Tony McManus on guitar and Alasdair Fraser on fiddle - each selection of traditional Scottish and Cape Breton music expertly executed. Both men are at the top of their class and this joint effort is a delight for anyone who loves Scottish music.
Rough Guide to Scottish Folk
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Rough Guide to Scottish Folk (2000)
Various Artists

Well known Scottish musicians offer a great selection of Scottish folk music: traditional bagpipes, fiddle music, traditional songs, reels and jigs, and ceilidh dance music. Some in English, some in Gaelic. A great introduction to Scottish folk and traditional music. Artists include Capercaillie, Ewan MacColl, the Tannahill Weavers, John Burgress, many more.
Celtic Bagpipes
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Celtic Bagpipes (2000)
Various Artists

This is a well-done collection of standard bagpipe tunes by various civilian and military bands - what we generally think of when we think of bagpipe music. If you're into the pipes, this may be a good choice.

Or try Atmospheres: Scottish Celtic Bagpipes another nice collection that includes Amazing Grace, Danny Boy and Greensleeves

We'd personally recommend Piping Hot: Celtic Bagpipe Collection which has great bagpipe tunes from some of the best piping performers like the Tannahill Weavers, Jerry O'Sullivan, Seamus Ennis and more.