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David Eddings

Newest release: - The Younger Gods - The Dreamers Series Book 4 - paperback release March 1, 2007.

David Eddings, along with wife Leigh Eddings, are long-time authors in the fantasy genre, with the best-selling Belgariad and Malloreon book series to their credit, along with others.

Beloved by thousands of die-hard fans, it is perhaps the improbability of the Eddings' universe, a world of engagingly "human" gods and goddesses, warmly drawn characters and delightfully witty dialogue that make the Eddings' books so enormously appealing.

Light-hearted and straight-forwardly formulaic, the heros and heroines tug at our hearts as we embrace their magic and cheer them on their quests - knowing all will be well at the end and that's as it should be.

David Eddings' name is alone on most of the titles, though recently Leigh Eddings has been acknowledged as the "silent partner" all along.

If you missed David and Leigh Eddings books first time round (they began publishing the Belgariad in 1982), you really should buy them now.

If you're a long-time fan, the new reissues with their gorgeous cover art may replace your old ragged-ear copies.

The following bibliography includes very brief plot summaries of David and Leigh Eddings' Belgariad, Malloreon, The Dreamers, and other fantasy series books.

Buy Books by David and Leigh Eddings
Belgariad Volume 1
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The Belgariad Series by David Eddings

Legends say that the people of the West will be safe as long as the Orb remains in it's resting place at Riva. Now, though, the Orb has been stolen. Simple country boy Garion finds the hand of destiny resting on his shoulder and he becomes caught up, against his wishes, in the quest to retrieve the Orb. A standard story, familiar to us all, yet Eddings' writing has captured the imagination of countless readers. Classic fantasy at its best.

Now the five books of the Belgariad series have been reissued for a new generation in two beautiful volumes - find out why these New York Times bestsellers are read over and over again.

The Belgariad: Pawn of Prophecy, Queen of Sorcery, Magician's Gambit - the first three novels of The Belgariad

The Belgariad: Castle of Wizardry/Enchanters' End Game - the final two novels of The Belgariad

Belgarath the Sorcerer - This prequel to The Belgariad acknowledges Leigh Eddings, David's wife, as his long-time collaborator as they tell the tale of the ancient sorcerer and his task to ensure the prophecies of Aldur.

Polgara the Sorceress - Polgara, Belgarath's daughter and 3,000-year-old shapeshifting sorceress, tells the story of her life - a wonderful and fitting close to the Belgariad and Mallorean series.
Guardians of the West - Book 1
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The Malloreon Series by David Eddings

Picking up where the Belgariad leaves off, we rejoin all our favorite characters, Garion (now King of Riva), Polgara, Ce'Nedra and more, as they are off on new adventures against another evil from the East. Every bit as entertaining and humorous as the first series. You may read these books first, if you like, but it's more fun to start with the Belgariad.

Guardians of the West (Book 1 of the Malloreon) - Garion finds himself in a tight spot caught between two ancient prophecies

King of the Murgos (Book 2 of the Malloreon) - Garion and Ce'Nedra must rescue their kidnapped infant son

Demon Lord of Karanda (Book 3 of the Malloreon) - Delays, trials and tribulations on the way to the rescue, great fun

Sorceress of Darshiva (Book 4 of the Malloreon) - Garion in pursuit of Zandramas, flying as a Great Dragon. They cover the ground in this one.

Seeress of Kell (Book 5 of the Malloreon) - Final showdown between Light and Dark in the Place Which Is No More.
The Elenium - One Volume Set
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The Elenium Series by David Eddings

The adventures of Sparhawk, Pandion Knight and Queen's Champion. After ten years of exile, Sparhawk returns to discover Queen Ehlana magically entombed in a block of crystal, ill and dying. Can he rescue her and find a cure in time? Great characters, lots of humor, faster pacing - another great series for Eddings fans.

The three books in this series include:

The Diamond Throne (Book 1 of the Elenium)
The Ruby Knight (Book 2 of the Elenium)
The Sapphire Rose (Book 3 of the Elenium)
Domes of Fire
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The Tamuli Series by David Eddings

Sparhawk has become Prince Consort to Queen Ehlana in this series. Who better to come to the aid of the Tamul Empire when it is besieged by evil? Tamul is an exotic and interesting place. More great dialogue, humor and light-hearted adventure from David and Leigh Eddings.

The three books in the Tamuli series include:

Domes of Fire (Book One of the Tamuli)
The Shining Ones (Book Two of The Tamuli)
The Hidden City (Book Three of The Tamuli)
Rivan Codex
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The Rivan Codex
by David and Leigh Eddings

In this wonderful companion volume to the Belgariad and Malloreon books, the authors have compiled their notes and maps and detail how they went about creating a marvelous fantasy world with its unique and intriguing gods, humans and magical aspects. Truly, a terrific book for fans and for anyone seeking to write fantasy fiction.
The Redemption of Althalus
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The Redemption of Althalus
by David and Leigh Eddings

This lengthy (almost 800 pages) stand-alone epic fantasy adventure tells the tale of Althalus, thief extraordinaire, who is hired to steal the Book from the House at the End of the World. Trapped there, Emmy the Cat (really a goddess, naturally) teaches him to harness the powers of the Book and convinces Althalus to aid her in the coming battle between Good and Evil. Others join them and the grand adventure begins.
The Elder Gods - Dreamers, Book 1
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The Dreamers Series
by David and Leigh Eddings

David and Leigh Eddings new Dreamers series is projected to have four books. While most continents float freely on the face of Mother Sea, the Land of Dhrall survives anchored by the will of the Gods. All Gods, Elder and Younger, share the people and the land of Dhrall equally. But the one place they never enter is The Wasteland: a barren and hideous wilderness ruled by the Vlagh--a god-like creature whose young are evil spawn.

The Elder Gods (The Dreamers, Book 1) (2003) - As the Elder Gods are about to transfer their power to the Younger Gods, the Vlagh plans to take advantage of their weakened state and neutralize them, eventually conquering the world. To do so, it is breeding a terrible force borne of monsters and demons. But one ray of hope shines through the darkness: four children called the Dreamers. They alone hold the power to change the course of history...and stop the Vlagh in its quest for total world domination.
The Treasured One - Dreamers 2
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The Treasured One (The Dreamers, Book 2) (2004)

"The Vlagh has turned its attention from the lands of the goddess Zelana (The Elder Gods) to her brother, Veltan, ruler of the peaceful farming land around the Falls of Vash. These gentle villagers are Vlaghís obstacles as it breeds a hideous army to annihilate the world. Determined to protect his people and his lands, Omago, Veltanís human friend, works with the heroes from Zelanaís domain to raise a defense.

But the gods and the humans have overlooked one person: Jalkan, an outlander, who is unleashing soldiers to corral innocent villagers and convert them to his ìreligionî of the Amar--ìthe one true god.î He covets the gold that Zelena and Veltan promised their mercenaries. And what are a few innocent deaths if they result in more gold for Jalkan and the rest of his empire?"
The Crystal Gorge - Dreamers 3
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The Crystal Gorge (The Dreamers, Book 3) (2005)

First Sentence: "It was summer in the lands of the west, and the young boy with red hair woke up even before the sun had risen above the mountains to the east of the village of Lattash and decided that it might be a good day to go fishing in the small river that flowed down from the mountains."
The Younger Gods - Dreamers 4
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The Younger Gods (The Dreamers Book 4) (2006)
by David and Leigh Eddings

"In this thrilling conclusion to The Dreamers, the Vlagh prepares for one final, merciless attackone that will pit her forces against the might of both the Elder Gods and the Younger Gods. But all the painstaking preparations of these noble allies might come to naught if they continue to ignore a growing threat within their ranks. For Aracia, sister of the goddess Zelana (The Elder Gods), is nearing the end of her cycle, and has begun to lose her mind. Her insanity, if it is not recognized, will place the entire land of Dhrall in turmoil, making the dreaded coming of the Vlagh look like a childs game by comparison." - book description.