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Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Newest release: Amber and Iron - Book 2 in The Dark Disciples Series, paperback November 7, 2006.

Dragonlance originated as a campaign setting for the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game in the mid-1980s. Tracy Hickman had been hired by TSR to develop the game (yes, he originated Dragonlance), while Margaret Weis was employed at TSR as a book editor.

Jointly, they began, under TSR auspices, to write full-length novels based on the Dragonlance world. Successful beyond their wildest dreams, Weis and Hickman's Dragonlance books remain the best in a list now numbering over 80.

In addition to the Dragonlance books, both authors have collaborated on several other series, most recently the Sovereign Stone trilogy.

You need have no interest in D&D whatsoever to enjoy and appreciate these terrific novels. Weis and Hickman have created a fascinating world filled with complex and interesting characters - a world waiting to be explored by any fan of fantasy fiction.

We've briefly reviewed the Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Dragonlance books in their order of publication (with one exception). If you'd like to read them in chronological order, based on the world of Krynn, we suggest the following:

  1. The Raistlin Chronicles
  2. The Dragonlance Chronicles
  3. The Dragonlance Legends
  4. Second Generation
  5. Dragons of Summer Flame
  6. War of Souls
  7. Dragonlance: The Dark Disciple (New series by Margaret Weis)
Buy Dragonlance Books by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy Gift Set
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Dragonlance Chronicles
by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

In this terrific debut series, we are introduced to the world of Krynn, where dragons are on the loose threatening darkness and destruction. Our band of heroes, charged with meeting this threat, includes Tanis Half-Elven (the warrior), Sturm Brightblade (the knight), Raistlin Majere (the mage), Caramon (the giant), Flint Fireforge (the dwarf), and Tasselhoff Burrfoot (the comic relief). Enter a magical world of nonstop excitement and adventure.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragonlance Chronicles, Book 1) - Evil stirs in the northlands. Our band of heroes are recruited by a mysterious woman with a very special and beautiful crystal staff. Perfect introduction to Krynn.

Dragons of Winter Night (Dragonlance Chronicles, Book 2) - As the War of the Lance heats up, our band are separated in their frantic search for the Dragon Orbs and Dragonlance - necessary to stop the dragons (yes, they are real and real scary) in service to evil Queen Takhisis. A great read.

Dragons of Spring Dawning (Dragonlance Chronicles, Book 3) - Now known as the Companions of the Lance, our heroes fight the climactic battle against the evil queen and her dragons. A rousing finish to an outstanding series.

Dragons of Summer Flame - Not a part of the trilogy proper, this story takes place some years later: young mage Palin Majere seeks his disappeared uncle, Raistlin, while the evil queen re-rallies her forces in the north. Other descendants of the original band appear. This book is a stand-alone that serves as a prequel to the War of Souls series (discussed below) and should probably be read after the Dragonlance Legends trilogy.

Currently, two special treats for fans and new readers are available. First we have the Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy Gift Set - all three volumes in a hard cardboard slipcase, beautifully illustrated. We recommend you buy this version - a better value and terrific art.

Secondly, Dragonlance fans will want their own copy of the The Annotated Chronicles (Dragonlance) - over 1300 pages includes the complete trilogy, annotated with notes, commentary and extensive source materials - along with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman discussing their work and the phenomenal appeal of the Dragonlance stories. A must-have volume for Dragonlance lovers.
Dragonlance Legends Trilogy Gift Set
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Dragonlance Legends Series

The War of the Lance has ended, but Raistlin has designs on godhood. Raistlin, his twin Caramon, Tasslehoff, and priestess Crysania journey back in time to ancient Istar in hopes of averting the disaster that claimed it. These are dark books, filled with complex and evolving characters, that explore human nature, both good and ill. And as so often in literature, the themes of dark and light embodied in twins or siblings, is used to the full. Very satisfying reading.

Time of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends, Book 1) - Raistlin seeks the magic of ancient wizard Fistandantilus; Caramon leads an army.
War of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends, Book 2) - One hundred years after Istar's Cataclysm, Raistlin is up against the Dark Queen. Without help from Caramon and Crysania, he is doomed.
Test of the Twins (Dragonlance Legends, Book 3) - Raistlin enters the Abyss to battle evil Queen Takhisis. Caramon must close the portal to prevent the queen's escape - but doing so will trap Raistlin forever.

All three volumes are now available in a boxed set and special annotated editions.
The War of Souls Trilogy Gift Set
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War of Souls Series

Set 40 years after the Chaos War (which ended the Fourth Age and occurred after the War of the Lance), darkness and evil overshadow the face of Ansalon, as a fierce and mysterious storm covers the land and dragons rule. At the heart of the story is a small girl, bent on conquest in the name of the One God, even though Krynn now has no gods and little magic (the gods and creators have left Krynn, including Takhisis). New characters and a terrific new story line, as Weis and Hickman return to better the efforts of others in the progressing story of Krynn.

Dragons of a Fallen Sun (War of Souls, Book 1) - Various new characters are introduced including elf prince Silvanoshei Caladon, Solamnic Knight Gerard uth Mondar, and Mina, the girl who will stop at nothing in serving her One True God.
Dragons of a Lost Star (War of Souls, Book 2) - Leader of the Dark Knights of Neraka wakes up to smell the coffee -- the new kid on the block (Mina) is having great success at taking over, and great dragon Beryl is on a rampage. Fast-paced action and complex plotting. You won't be able to put it down.
Dragons of a Vanished Moon (War of Souls, Book 3) - Just who is this One True God? You'll find out in this action-packed, surprise-filled conclusion to the War of Souls trilogy. All questions are answered, providing a highly satisfying read. We heartily recommend this entire trilogy.
Amber and Ashes
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Dragonlance : The Dark Disciple Series

Amber and Ashes (Book 1)

The latest series from best-selling author and Dragonlance setting co-creator Margaret Weis, Amber and Ashes takes up where the War of Souls left off with the central character Mina. While following her story, this new trilogy will also explore the chaos that is post-war Krynn. This is Weis's first solo Dragonlance novel since the publication of the extremely popular The Soulforge in 1998.

Amber and Iron (Book 2)

Released November 7, 2006.
Brothers in Arms
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Raistlin Chronicles

Everyone's favorite evil mage, Raistlin Majere, is the protagonist in this these two books.

The Soulforge (The Raistlin Chronicles, Book 1) - Margaret Weis wrote this one solo. Thoughtful, well-written tale of Raistlin's tragic childhood and youth, and the challenges he faced as a physical weakling, but a giant among magic users.
Brothers in Arms (The Raistlin Chronicles, Book 2) - By Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. Following his testing, Raistlin hits the road with twin brother Caramon, gaining strength and experience as soldiers of fortune. Meanwhile, sister Kitiara pursues her personal goals in service to the Queen of Darkness.
The Second Generation
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The Second Generation
by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

Marvelous collection of five novellas detailing the adventures of the children of the original Companions of the Lance. Set in the time following the Chronicles and Legends, but before Dragons of Summer Flame. A must-have to complete your Weis/Hickman Dragonlance collection, these stories are highly entertaining and well worth reading.
Masters of a Dragonlance Art
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Masters of a Dragonlance Art
by Margaret Weis

Gorgeous fantasy art - from novels, games, calendars, and more - created for Dragonlance over the past ten years. Wonderful artwork by Brom, Matt Stawicki, Mark Zug, Todd Lockwood, Larry Elmore, and others, this is a terrific collection for both Dragonlance fans and fantasy art lovers alike. Includes information about the artists and their creative process. Would make a perfect gift for anyone with an eye for the fantastic. Recommended.