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Robin Hobb

Newest release: Forest Mage - Soldier Son Trilogy Book 2 - August 29, 2006.

Robin Hobb has become one of the most successful fantasy writers of the past few years - and for good reason. Her books are very well written, filled with engaging, well-fleshed-out characters, lots of action and adventure, combined with interesting magical abilities woven into both the fabric of her imaginary worlds and their individual inhabitants.

Her first series, The Farseer Trilogy, describes the adventures of an illegitimate offshoot of a royal family, skilled in magic and the arts of assassination and dedicated to perserving his family and his kingdom.

The Liveship Traders Trilogy fascinates us with a world in which magic ships communicate with and serve selected families of sailing merchants - lots of swashbuckling pirate raids and sea battles in this series.

In Hobb's The Tawny Man trilogy, we return, after 15 years, to FitzChivalry Farseer and a new set of adventures for him, the Fool and the royal family. All three series are set in the same world - the Kingdom of the Six Duchies.

If you like novels with sentient creatures (dragons, etc.) and bonding between man and beast, or novels about pirates and high seas adventure, you are sure to enjoy reading Robin Hobb.

Buy Books by Robin Hobb
Assassin's Apprentice
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The Farseer Trilogy
by Robin Hobb

Assassin's Apprentice, Book 1 - Young Fitz is bastard grand-son to the king. Raised by a stableman as an outcast in the royal court, his inherited magical abilities bring him to the king's attention.

Secretly tutored by the king's assassin, this first story in the Farseer Trilogy traces Fitz's young life from early boyhood into his teen years and his first life-threatening mission as a royal assassin.

Royal Assassin, Book 2 - The old king is dying and Fitz's new assignment is to protect the Heir Apparent and his wife from a variety of royal intrigues. The barbarian Red Ship Raiders have stepped up their attacks as well, so the kingdom is imperiled from both within and without.

Once again, Fitz must use his wits, his magical skills, and his physical training to secure the safety of the kingdom and the royal family.

Assassin's Quest, Book 3 - The kingdom is thrown into chaos, as the evil Prince Regal usurps the throne from the rightful heir, Prince Verity. Verity, seeking an answer to the threat of the Red Ship Raiders, has gone off on a quest and disappeared.

Thought to be dead, FitzChivalry returns with one compelling obsession - to kill Regal and save the kingdom and the throne for it's rightful heirs. An extremely well done and exciting finale to this series.
Ship of Magic
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The Liveship Traders Trilogy
by Robin Hobb

Ship of Magic, Book 1 - For generations, the liveship Vivacia has served the Vestrit family, one of a group of families owning the great, sentient, wizardwood merchant ships. With the untimely death of her father, young Althea Vestrit deeply resents her brother-in-law Kyle assuming captainship - feeling that she is the one bonded to Vivacia, and should captain her - irregardless of her gender.

As this is a lengthy introduction to the series, we are also treated to the beginning stories of other major characters - one of the most interesting is the evil pirate Kennit, who seeks to rule the Pirate Isles through his theft of a liveship and the power it conveys. Excellent characterization, exciting sea battles and scary sea serpents, fascinating magical ships.

The Mad Ship, Book 2 - The pirate Kennit has hijacked Vivicia and imprisoned it's crew. Only young Wintrow, bearing Vistrit blood through his mother, is left to battle Kennit for Vivicia's love and loyalty.

When Althea finds out, she attempts to rescue Vivicia with the help of friends, including Brashen, and the mad ship Paragon - introduced in book 1. We learn more about the sentient sea serpents and their relationship to the dragons.

Ship of Destiny, Book 3 - All the elements of the prior stories are interwoven and resolved in this climactic conclusion to the Liveship Series.

As the story begins, Althea is on her way to rescue Vivacia, Ronica is searching for a way to save Bingtown (the traders' capital), Malta has disappeared and her rescuers are helped by the dragon, Tintaglia - but the mighty dragon has other duties, as the mysteries of this magical world are finally revealed and all is changed. A terrific ending to a great series.
Fool's Errand
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The Tawny Man Trilogy
by Robin Hobb

Fool's Errand, Book 1 - In Hobb's latest series, we return, after a passage of 15 years, to the adventures of FitzChivalry, now retired and living a quiet life. As the series open, he is visited by the enigmatic Fool and his old friend, Chade, seeking his help in locating a missing prince in time for his betrothal ceremony, once again saving the Kingdom of the Six Duchies from political anarchy and treachery.

Golden Fool, Book 2 - Fitz goes undercover as Tom Badgerlock, bodyguard to Lord Golden, while secretly acting as both a spy in the court and skillmaster to the young Prince Dutiful, introduced in book 1, and possessor of the same "beast magic" as Fitz himself.

Troubles abound in the intricate plots and counterplots plaguing the royal family, and Fitz is at his wit's end dealing with the prince and with betrayals by friends and foes alike...as they say - the plot thickens.

Fool's Fate, Book 3 - In this rousing conclusion to the Tawny Man series, Fitz faces the ultimate challenge of his destiny. Fitz, the Fool and other questers follow Prince Dutiful to a far northern island, where the prince must slay the world's last male dragon to win the hand of the Out Islands princess Elliania.

The mystery lies in why the great dragon Icefyre must die, or even whether he should. In fact, the White Prophet foresees a harrowing future for the humans of the land if Icefyre is killed. How can the future be changed? How can Fitz survive his fate? A satisfying conclusion to a solid fantasy series.
Shaman's Crossing
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Forest Mage
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The Soldier Son Trilogy
by Robin Hobb

Shaman's Crossing, Book 1 - Nevare Burvelle is the second son of a second son, destined from birth to carry a sword. The wealthy young noble will follow his father – newly made a lord by the King of Gernia – into the cavalry, training in the military arts at the elite King’s Cavella Academy in the capital city of Old Thares. Bright and well-educated, an excellent horseman with an advantageous engagement, Nevare's future appears golden.

But as his Academy instruction progresses, Nevare begins to realize that the road before him is far from straight. The old aristocracy looks down on him as the son of a "new noble" and, unprepared for the political and social maneuvering of the deeply competitive school and city, the young man finds himself entangled in a web of injustice, discrimination, and foul play. In addition, he is disquieted by his unconventional girl-cousin Epiny – who challenges his heretofore unwavering world view – and by the bizarre dreams that haunt his nights.

Forest Mage, Book 2 - "The prestigious King's Cavalla of Gernia has been ravaged by the Speck plague. The deadly disease has decimated the ranks of both cadets and instructors, and the few survivors remain weak and frail. Many have been forced to relinquish their military ambi-tions and will return to their families to face lives of dependency and disappointment.

As the academy infirmary empties, cadet Nevare Burvelle also prepares to journey home. But far from being a broken man, Nevare has made an aston-ishingly robust recovery from the Speck plague. Furthermore, while in the grip of the plague, he defeated his Speck nemesis, freeing himself, he believes, from the Speck magic that infected him. As he begins the journey to his ancestral home of Widevale, he is in high spirits, expecting a jubilant homecoming, a tender reunion with his beautiful fiancée, Carsina, and a bright future as a com-missioned officer.

Yet back in the shelter of his family, Nevare finds his nights still haunted by visions of his Speck self betraying everything he holds dear in his waking life, and his days tormented by a rare side effect of the Speck plague that shames his family-and repulses Carsina. Though he expected to slip back into his family fold effortlessly, Nevare finds himself instead caught between the sensual, enchanting realm of the Specks and his own ancestry, the world he has always known.

And then the magic in Nevare's blood-magic that he thought he had destroyed-roars to life, and he realizes that his most dangerous enemy, an enemy that seeks to destroy all he loves, might dwell within him..." - book description.